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Galway's Mayor has Gone Green

As Mayor of Ireland’s first city to be awarded European Green Leaf, Niall McNelis has chosen his mayoral car of choice to be the Ford Mondeo Vignale Hybrid. Former Mayors of Galway have enjoyed high powered vehicles such as BMW and Mercedes. However, our 2018 Mayor has chosen the environmentally friendly option of a hybrid Ford in respect of Galway City’s commitment to better environmental outcomes and a Green Leaf City. 

 The Ford Mondeo hybrid allows you get the best of petrol and electric power combined. A powerful, responsive and highly efficient 2.0 litre petrol engine for longer journeys and on shorter journeys, and at lower speeds, an advanced electric motor takes over. And to make the whole system even more efficient, regenerative braking captures up to 90% of energy normally lost through friction brakes, then recycles it to recharge the high-voltage battery. It’s more efficient and as a result produces fewer emissions. 

It is an environmentally friendly car but does not compromise on space, driving dynamics or driving range and luxurious comfort of the new Ford specification, the Vignale. 

Upon appointment as First Citizen of Galway City, Niall requested the Mondeo hybrid be put on the tender for the mayoral car and local car dealership Motorpark won the tender. 

The Ford Mondeo Vignale hybrid is available to pre-order for 2019 at Motorpark, Headford Road, Galway. 

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