It is time of the year, when parents and students are rushing to get ready for the impending school start. With back to school frenzy at its peak, we decided to take care of one of your concerns—school car rides.

Ask any parent on what their criteria for choosing a car is and the unanimous reply would be a strong mix of comfort and performance.  Ford’s S-Max ticks all these boxes making it a great family car. Car enthusiasts call it a ‘sports activity vehicle’ fit for a family.

And why not? With features like smart seating system offering space for up to seven passengers to an intelligent AWD system that makes driving easier even in tricky conditions, this 7-seater will give you the freedom to do your school runs to weekend trips with ease and efficiency.

S-Max comes with a calm yet responsive manner giving you an easy-going and accurate steering. Befitting a family car, the S-max gives you a smooth ride isolating you from small bumps and noise. It comes with two Eco Boost petrol engine options using a combination of direct fuel injection and turbo-charging, to deliver unresolved levels of performance and fuel economy. With Active Park Assist, parking in even tight spaces is an easy experience. The button and sensors even locate a suitable space as you drive past.

Ford has also given S-Max’s quaint last-decade design a modern makeover. Inside it can carry 5-6 people plus luggage with 1-2 seats folded. The individual second-row seats are very comfy and spacious. Depending on your budget, the S-Max comes as various variants—Trend, Titanium and Signal each offering a range of benefits.

Have a look at our S-Max 7 Seaters:

2015 S-Max Zetec 2016 S-Max Zetec S-Max range

Final verdict? The S-Max is aspirational when it comes to family motoring making it a great choice for family cars guaranteed to give you a smooth back to school ride.  

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