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Protect your children with ISOFIX safety at Motorpark

Ever since it became a legal requirement that children in our cars are safely secured, the standards for children’s car seats have become more and more stringent.

There are a large number of children’s car seats for various age groups which fulfil these requirements. However, even the best child seats offer no protection if they’re not fitted correctly or used properly. Although many child seats are secured in similar way, every seat has its own particular belt fastening system. Therefore, it is vital to listen to the advice of specialist staff when buying a child seat and equally important to read the operating instructions.

ISO 13216 is the standard for fitting child safety seats in vehicles. Known as ISOFIX (which stands for "International Standards Organization FIX") in the Ireland and Europe, it has been in use since the early 2000's and was designed as a "Plug-in" system for fitting child safety seats in cars quickly and simply. (The same system is known as LATCH in the United States).

ISOFIX systems are relatively simple to install. These systems require the child safety seat to be securely fastened to an anchoring system which is fitted to the bodywork of the car. Many injuries can be avoided if children are correctly secured.

All new cars are manufactured with the option of an inconspicuous attachment points in standard locations, whilst ISOFIX compatible child seats have latches on the back to lock onto the mounting points in the car with a simple push and click system.

There is a great selection of ISOFIX seats, which are quick and easy to fit correctly and safely, to the ISOFIX points built in to most Ford models. If your vehicle does not have ISOFIX fittings it may be possible to retrofit and Motorpark will be able to advise if your model is suitable.

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